Receiving daily user report report :

The Geedesk user report has complete details of the ticket that is handled by the respective department in a day and it will be generated automatically and sent to the user account who enabled the option to receive the report .

Please follow the below steps to enable the user report for the account

1) In the Geedesk dashboard click on the profile name and under the drop down menu click on Profile > Setting

2) Now you can see the option Receive daily report and below that you have drop down menu where you can select YES to receive the report automatically to your email id.


1) The user report will be delivered to the user’s who are in the Admin and Manager role.

2) If the user report will be delivered only if the particular user should be added to their respective category.

3) You can not make change in the settings to receive the user report unless your user account should be added to the category.




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