Rule Engine :

Rule engine helps to manage the way the job order will assign to the service engineer.

To activate the rule engine you have to click on Admin > Rule engine in the side bar menu

Now you have to click on the tick box to enable the rule engine.

It has three main functionality

1) Wait for technician to get free :

This helps in scenario where one service engineer assigned with many tickets and if the new ticket gets created it will wait until he resolve all the ticket and if he ready to take another ticket it will automatically push the job order to him.

2) Continue assigning ticket :

This helps in a scenario where in some properties they have less number of service engineer to handle the job order in that case Geedesk has to push the ticket continuously even though they already assigned with ticket.

3) Assign ticket to the agent with lowest ticket :

This helps in scenario where Geedesk will push ticket to service engineer with lowest ticket.






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