Geedesk has introduced new columns in the reports generated within the custom report.

New columns introduced within the custom report are listed below:

  • Ticket Category: In this column, we can see the different categories of ticket types.
  • Ticket Sense: Ticket Sense is used to identify whether the ticket is a service request or complaint.
  • Guest Ticket: This column enables us to determine whether it is a guest or an internal ticket. If it is a guest ticket, it will be marked as “YES,” and if it is an internal ticket, it will be marked as “NO.
  • Ticket On-Hold: This column allows the user to determine whether the ticket has been placed on On-Hold. If it is placed on hold it will be marked as YES else will be marked as NO.
  • Ticket On-Hold Duration: This column helps the user to determine the duration of the ticket placed on hold. The format displays the time in days, hours, and minutes. If the duration includes only seconds, it will be presented in a seconds-only format.
  • Ticket Audit Review: This column help the user to view whether the ticket is being audited or not, If audited it will show like positive, negative or neutral according to the guest feedback.
  • Total Work Time: This column helps in determining the total time taken to resolve the ticket.

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