The ticket category in Geedesk is the feature that allows users to categorize ticket types based on their respective ticket categories.

For example, if you select “AC” all ticket types related to AC will be conveniently listed for easy reference.

Users can map ticket types to ticket categories using the following steps:

Step1: Go to Admin-> Ticket Category

Step 2: Click Create on the Ticket Category Page.

Step 3: Provide the relevant ticket Category name and select the department and Click Create.

Step 4:  Click on Map Ticket types.

Step 5:Check the Ticket types that are related to the Ticket Category created and Click on Map.

Step 6: The ticket types will be mapped on the right side.

You can list the specific ticket category and ticket type by selecting the required options from the custom report.

If we categorize the ticket types, it will help generate a custom report, allowing us to take a report based on the ticket categories.

This means that if you want to view all the tickets created for the Electrical or AC-related category in a specific month, you can do so by selecting the respective ticket category.

Note: If you need to obtain details for all tickets without any specific ticket category constraints, you should uncheck the ticket category option to generate the correct report from the custom report page.

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