In this section, the user can add Rooms of the Property for mapping in Geedesk. At first, all the room numbers shall be added then followed by all public areas (like Lobbies, Parking areas,..etc). Here we can upload Rooms either by adding individually or even adding in bulk.

This the Room page of the Geedesk

The two option to add Rooms 

How to create Rooms:

  • In the left side filter below Geedesk logo Click Admin →  Rooms 
  • In the Room Page select  Create Room ->  Enter the room name/number -> Create.

How to Import Bulk Rooms: 

  • To import Bulk rooms first you have to make an excel sheet of all rooms with a File format –

         Room name 




          Office room

          Server room

  • Download that page in (CSV Comma Separated Value
  • Go to Admin -> Rooms -> Bulk import rooms -> Choose file -> Select the downloaded CSV sheet of rooms and click Import.          
  • After creating the rooms you have to map the rooms in the Categories to get assigned tickets.

Mapping Rooms in the Category 

  • Go to Admin -> Categories -> Add room -> Drag and drop the rooms into the right side from the left side.