This article will describe how to generate an Employee Tickets report or say User ticket report in Geedesk.

Benefits of having it:

  • By using this report the user can make an analysis about a particular user in your property.
  • Employee Tickets log is used to generate the report of users and how many tickets are assigned to them.
  • You can get the report, user wise, department wise, date wise by using the filter option.

How to generate an Employee Tickets Report:

  • In the side filter go to Report–> Employee Tickets log in the below dropbox.
  • After entering the Employee Tickets log page on the right side is a filter as you can see, Filter by User. Enter the desired user’s name whose report is required.
  • In the Filter by department select the desired user’s department whose report is to be generated.
  • And in the last Filter by Date add the time interval from when you desire to generate the reports of the user and click Apply and also you can download the same reports too.

Once you have generated the desired user’s report it will be downloaded as .csv spreadsheet file in your system which you can utilize for your purpose