Users are the members of the property who will be mapped in Geedesk in their corresponding departments. 

Create user 

  • Go to Admin -> Add users -> Save the user details with 

         First name – yyy

         Last name – yyy

         Phone number – 45465321 

         Email – [email protected]

         Password – xxx

         Confirm Password – xxx

         Gender – male

         User role – manager

  • Once this is complete click on Create User and the new user will be created.

Bulk import user 

  • To import Bulk users first you have to make an excel sheet of all users with a File format-

     Phone number  Email address  Password  First name  Last name  Gender  User role

45484               [email protected]               xxx           yyy       yyy             male      manager

     Additional phone number.


  • Download that page in (CSV Comma Separated Value
  • Go to Admin -> users -> Bulk import users -> Choose file -> Select the downloaded CSV sheet of users and click Import.
  • After creating the users you have to map the users in the respective Departments and Categories for tickets to be assigned.

Mapping users in the category 

  • Go to Admin -> Categories -> Add users -> Drag and drop the users into the right side from the left side.
  • You have to map the respective users in the respective categories.