In Geedesk the Ticket is known as the job order which is raised by the Guest or the Staffs in the property.

For example: If the Guest asking for the Water or Coffee that job order would be the Ticket.

How to create a Ticket:

  • Go to Admin -> Ticket types -> Add ticket type -> 

Format for Adding Ticket types:

      Ticket type: Ac not working

      Department: Engineering

           And click Create.

Bulk import ticket type

  • To import Bulk Ticket type, first, you have to make an excel sheet of all Ticket types with a File format –  

        Ticket Type                       Department Name

       AC not working                        Engineering

       Water bottle required              Housekeeping

  • Download that page in (CSV Comma Separated Value
  • Go to Admin -> Ticket types -> Bulk Ticket type -> Choose file -> Select the downloaded CSV sheet of Ticket types and click Import.