The profile page is where all the details regarding the user of the profile are updated, attendance can be marked. The profile also has profile settings that contain language, security, and generation of reports.

How to get into Profile: 

  • After login on to Geedesk, you can see your home page consists of all features and ticket logs.

On the top right side of the Home page, you can see your Profile name, as shown in the red box.

Click Profile name  you can see your Profile: In your profile, you can see your Name, Email ID, Phone number, User role, Attendance, Settings.

  • In the Profile dialogue box, you can find Settings: in which you can set up the two-step verification:  it is used for protection from third party involvement. 
  • In order to change your Profile password, it can be done in change your password option that can be found in the Settings of the profile.
  • Admins/Managers have access to Daily Reports which can be enabled present in the Profile settings.
  • You can see these options in the below Profile Settings box.