Service Level Agreement and Escalation Matrix :

For every ticket creation has to be resolved in a particular time and it is called priority. And this priority level will be vary from different organization.

If  the particular ticket is not completed in priority time will be escalated to respective HOD and managers that is called escalation matrix.

1) Login into your Geedesk account and in the dashboard click on Admin > SLA Policies

2) Now you have assign target category

  1.   i) You have two option to assign target category it could be for all category or  you can select particular category to assign priority.

3) After selecting target category you can assign the priority level as per your organization decision.

Escalation Matrix:

If the particular ticket is not resolved in a priority time it will be escalated to respective department head and we need to assign the escalation matrix by selecting the group and the time in which escalation email will reach their inbox.

4) Apart from Escalation email the respective user will get SMS alert regarding the escalation provided their number is updated in the user profile

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