A ticket is created when there is either a request or complaint from the guest or from any particular department in the property.

  • At the bottom of the Homepage, there is an option Create Ticket.

   In creating a ticket option the following fields are to be selected.

Room / Location:-   Here you have to select the Guest room number or Public area (Staffroom & Admin).

Ticket type:- 

Here you have to select the ticket type based on the Request or Complaint raised by the Guest.



Here the description box is to type and give more information about the Ticket type. 

    Case 1: If the is Guest asking for 3 water bottles, you have to select the ticket

                  type as water bottle required, In description type the info as 3 bottles required.

Guest ticket:- 

       It specifies that the ticket is raised by whom,

          Case 2: If request/complaint raised by the Guest  – Select YES,

If the request/complaint is raised by someone other than the Guest (staff) Select No. and click Create Ticket option.