It is an introductory page of Geedesk Technologies consisting of all details, features, -notifications, and options. Below is what Geedesk homepage looks like:

1) This is a Filter situated below the Geedesk Logo, which consists of all main options like Home, Tickets, Admin, Add-On, Guests, and Reports.

2) This Icon is used to Show/Hide the side Filter containing all main options.

3) This is a shortcut key used for creating Scheduled Tickets from the Homepage.

4) Search Engine to search for any ticket in particular with the ticket ID or subject in Geedesk.

5) This is your Profile option which takes you to your main profile page.

6) At the top rightmost side of the homepage, you can find a Logout option for the user to log-out easily.  

7) This is a pathway in which you can know your Present Location on Geedesk instead of using Backspace every time.

8) In this section, you can see the New Tickets created by a user to the particular department along with details on the Homepage.

9) In this section, you can find the Open Tickets after the new ticket has been assigned to the particular user on the Homepage.

10) This is an additional option where the user is able to track daily tasks or routines.

11) This is a feature for Raising a VIP Alert to all the Geedesk users along with specific instructions.
12) This is a shortcut icon of FreshChat Support for the user in case they require support from the Geedesk Support Team which is available 24/7 round the clock.

13) In this section, it will display Open Tickets which are kept on hold for some reason known as On-Hold Tickets on the Homepage.

14)  At the bottom of the Homepage, you can see Create Ticket where you can create a ticket by using details like Room/Location, Ticket type, Description, whether it is a Guest Ticket or not, and then Create.

15) On the side, there is a filter showing Technician in a shift which shows the users who are present during the shifts. 

16) At the bottom tab of the Homepage, you can find Contact CEO you can access that option in case of any Requirements/Suggestions, even regarding Business too.

17) In this section stated as Phone Number are the numbers used for sending SMS for resolving tickets.

18) In Help option, you can find the articles belongs to your doubts in Geedesk.