Automatic attendance is very useful to mark attendance to the users who are working in shift-based timing.

If some users may forget to mark their attendance as ON when they entered into the shift or to mark the attendance as OFF when they are not in the shift so it creates the ticket assignment issue.

To avoid these types of an issue we have newly added a feature in Geedesk as Automatic attendance. It will help the users by marking the attendance by automatically turn OFF and ON based on the shift timing.

Here I have explained below that how to configure it.

Step1: Go to Admin -> Rule Engine -> Enable the option Automatic attendance.

Step2: Go to Home option on the left side -> Select the dropdown option Manage attendance (auto).

Step3: You can see the manage attendance page and there you can see the option as Create time frames.

Click on that option and enter and save the shift timing you need.

Step4: After saving the shift timing -> Go to manage attendance (auto) – (previous page) -> In that page you can see the timing you saved -> click on that timing to map all the shift users in the respective timing in all the departments.

Step5: Here you can see all the users in the property, you can map the shift users based on the shift timing.

Now we have mapped the users in the particular shift timing that who are all working in the respective shift in every department.

So the attendance will automatically turn ON and OFF based on the shift timing for all the department shift users who are all mapped in the Automatic attendance.